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Deep Water

Yen-Chao Lin, Fraser McCallum, Erin Siddall, Miguel Angel Ríos, Julie René de Cotret and JuJe Collective, and Virginia Lee Montgomery

the plumb fundraiser 2020
virtual screening program

Produced over the span of the last decade, these short videos and film works make use of natural elements—water, air, fire, minerals, etc.—to circle around issues such as the exploitation of environmental resources, colonial tendencies encroaching on sacred spaces and rituals, pilgrimages to locales that bear remnant traces of activism and protest, the fraught period that we call modernity, and metaphysical ways of summoning hope for the future. Blending documentary, experimental film, performance documentation, archival research, site visits, and semi-fantastic folk retellings, the works included in Deep Water are linked by a common surreal or dreamlike atmosphere, perhaps suggesting a permeability between the exterior world and psychic topographies.

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